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Seasons: ISO Season 1

In Search Of: A Celebrity [PREMIUM]

[PREMIUM XX] Jordan borrows his brother’s car and promises to pick him up on time. To earn his brother’s trust Jordan shows up early and waits for his brother to get off work. While waiting Jordan gets bored and finally gets on a dating app and sees a guy he has a crush on is back in town. Should take this chance to see his crush or wait for his brother?

In Search Of: A Ride – [PREMIUM]

[PREMIUM X VIDEO] Jordan gets off work right at 10 PM, the same time the last bus comes to take him home. Because of a co-worker he misses the bus and decides to get on a dating app to use one of the guys to give him a ride home. Jordan has done this before but this time he is forced to go to an abandoned area and things don’t go as planned.

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