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Seasons: NewdStory PPV 1

01-1215 Moving In – [PPV]

[PPV VIDEO & GALLERY] ZMan, an incoming freshman at UCUM who suffers from anxiety, moves into his dorm room on campus.

02-1115 Fit In – [PPV FREE]

[PREMIUM VIDEO] Zay, realizes that he dresses different from his roommates and other college peers. This causes his anxiety to kick in and he comes with with a plan to get some new clothes.

04-1400 Rewarding Derrick – [PPV]

[PREMIUM VIDEO] Danga finally meets up with Derrick his #1 fan. Derrick was talking to Danga in the car but felt like Danga was brushing him off. Quickly Derrick comes up with an idea to spice things up…

04-0800 Sit On A Dick! – [PPV]

[PREMIUM VIDEO & GALLERY] Jharrel and Tommy were arguing about his morning sex when Danga slipped into the bathroom to take a shower. After the shower, Danga same into the room and accidentally sat on his dick when sittin on a chair.

04-0700 Morning Milk Man – [PPV]

[PREMIUM VIDEO & GALLERY] Jharrel wakes up to the sounds of Tommy, his roommate having sex with a girl. Jharrel went outside to try to get away from the moaning but he could still here it outside. Now turned on Jharrel gets on his favorite app. Does Jharrel fina a sneaky link to cure his horniness?

01-1100 Welcome to UCUM – [PPV]

[PPV VIDEO & GALLERY] A freshman football player named Khalil was lost on campus when he bums into Jharrel and Danga. Jharrel, finding the football player attractive, decides to help him find the bookstore and shoot his shot.

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