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01-1100 Welcome to UCUM

    • NewdStory Week 1
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“My name is Jharrel, I’m a blogger on TheNewdBlog.com. I’m here in college and I’m really excited about the upcoming stuff on The Newd Blog.”
That’s Jharrel. He is back for another school year at UCUM, a university in Florida. Jharrel is working toward his degree in media and communication. To get more experience, he started blogging and doing photography for TheNewdBlog. Jharrel’s best friend is Danga, who is also a NewdCreator. They have formed an interesting relationship. I would tell you but I’ll just let Jharrel do that.
“When I first met Dagna it was fun, it was crazy though, but a lot of work had to get done and I was excited about the stuff that was going on the website.”
Okay, Jharrel is being modest. Jharrel is a nice guy who rarely meets another guy he doesn’t like. Jharrel had a major crush on Danga until he saw Danga’s large package in person, then everything changed.
People ask me how come we don’t date each other. Danga is a great guy but when we first met I saw his giant horse cock and “my mouth was like what like, what the fuck. That big ass monster ass cock, like, I don’t know if I could take that because I want fuckin insides, my walls, cause shit I don’t want my body fucked up cause that big ass horse cock. That’s fuckin crazy man, I never seen a dick that big.”
Today, Danga and Jharrel were sitting at a table on campus. When they see a cute guy walking toward them.
“Look at that cute, light-skinned dude over there. I bet money he walks over here,” Danga tells Jharrel.
“You are always trying to bet someone. You think just because your dick is big everybody wants you,” Jharrel responds.
“You know you want some too,” Danga jokes with Jharrel.
“No thank you, yo dick way too big, you will fuck yourself before you fuck me with that,” Jharrel responded in a sarcastic way.
“Funny, I haven’t fucked myself in a while,” Danga laughed.
“What!!!” Jharrel said shocked.
Danga thinks back to when he was younger and he used to take his long dick and slide it in his tight ass. Danga used to experiment a lot when he was younger and his hormones were raging.
Danga snapped back as the guy walked over to the table.
“Excuse me, my name is Kahlil, do you fellas know where the campus bookstore is?” Khalil said.
“I told ya, you owe me,” Danga said to Jharrel making him roll his eyes.
“You must not be from here,” Jharrel responded.
“Naw, I’m from California, this is my first week on campus,” Khalil said.
“You a football player or something,” Danga asks.
“Yeah, I am, how you know?” Khalil responded.
“Cuz I saw your ass when you walked up here,” Danga mumbled while his eyes glanced at Khalil’s backside.
“Danga, stop it!” Jharrel said, nudging Danga, “the book store is near the center of campus but it’s hard to find cause it’s cramped between a cafe and the admission office. Do you want me to show you?”
Khalil responded, “If you don’t mind, sure.”
Jharrel stood up from the table and started walking with Khalil toward the bookstore, leaving Danga behind.
As they walk away, Danga admires Khalil’s ass. Danga doesn’t discriminate and like all body types, but he really have an appreciation for thick muscular athletes with a nice bubble butt. He leans back and starts to imagine the things he would do with a sexy football player like Khalil.
“So, how do you like it here so far? I know it’s different from California.” Jharrel asked.
“I mean, the weather is the same except it rains a lot here. I miss my girlfriend but other than that everything is cool.” Khalil responded.
“Awww, you miss your girlfriend. Yall trying to do the long-distance?” Jharrel questioned.
“I don’t know. We pretty much dated all of high school, but I got a scholarship here and she went to school in Arizona, but there are some things you can’t do long distance.” Khalil said.
“I understand, everybody likes to feel body contact and to be touched, especially when you’re dating someone,” Jharrel said.
“You just don’t know this girl is bomb as fuck, cute face, thick ass, just the look of her would make you want to jizz your pants,” Khalil said.
“Jizz your pants,” Jharrel laughs. “Yeah, you definitely are not from here. But since you’re a thousand miles away from your girl, it looks like you’re going to be a handyman.” Jharrel said while moving his hands up and down like he was jacking off.
“Oh gosh, that’s definitely going to be a problem,” Khalil responded, sounding sad.
“Speaking about jizz, bruh, what the fuck is that,” Jharrel said nudging Khalil in the arm and pointing to the right. There is a guy in a red shirt sitting on the bench in the dugout of the baseball field masturbating.
“That’s wild, in broad daylight too,” Khalil responded. “I swear Florida dudes just don’t care.”
“I guess they named this college UCUM for a reason,” Jharrel said laughing.
“But hey, we’re here at the bookstore. Let me see your phone.” Jharrel reached his hand out and Khalil handed over his phone. “I’m texting my number from your phone. If you ever wanna hang out or need help with your problem, text me alright!”
” No doubt thanks for showing me the bookstore, I’ll text you when I get settled in,” Khalil said while walking into the store.
Right before Khalil walks into the store he bumps into another guy.
“Hmm, do you know them?” a random guy asked Khalil.
“Not really, they just helped me find the bookstore, you know him?” Khalil asked.
“He be hanging out with this wanna-be porn star,” the guy said, “I’m warning you they ain’t nothing but trouble.”
“You had a bad experience?” Khalil asked.
“Nooooo, I would never hang out with guys like them. I just heard that he got a 13-inch dick and he be posting nasty pictures and videos on his Only Fans and the girl was fainting over him.”
“13 inches! Ain’t no way!”
“Exactly they be lying, my name is Montie by the way,” Montie said while shaking Khalil’s hand.
“I’m Khalil, I guess I’ll be seeing you around,” Khalil said as he turned and walked into the admissions office.
Jharrel walked back to his dorm where he noticed Danga was already in the shower. Jharrel strips his clothes and lays, completely naked, across the bed. After 10 minutes, Danga exits the bathroom completely naked.
“Hey Danga, can you give me a massage?” Jharrel asks, sounding like he is tired.
Danga’s long 9-inch soft dick swings side to side. As he walks around the bed, he grabs a bottle of lotion then climbs up on the bed, and straddles Jharrel backside.
Danga rubbed some lotion on his hands and started massaging Jharrel’s back, legs, and buttocks.
Jharrel begins to relax as Danga continues his massage until Jharrel fell asleep.

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