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01-1215 Moving In

    • NewdStory Session 1
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Today is the day. Zayvion enters his dorm room with the final box of his belongings in hand, ready to settle into his new living space. He carefully unpacks some of his items onto the bed, pausing to take a deep breath and soak in the moment. Afterward, he makes his way to the common area to embrace his mother and bid her farewell, as she needs to return to work. Feeling exhausted from the day’s activities, Zayvion clears a spot on the bed and lays down, seeking a moment of relaxation. However, his respite is short-lived as he hears a knock on the door. Reluctantly, Zayvion walks towards the door and cautiously opens it, peeking his head out to see who is standing there.

“Hey, are u Zayvion?” the guy says.
“Yeah,” Zay responds.
“I’m your roommate Jayyo,” Jayyo tells Zay.
“You the basketball player?” Zay asks.
“Wrong dorm freshman! This is the upperclassmen dorm. You are supposed to be with the freshman. How did you end up in the in here anyways?” Jayyo said firing back.
“Luck I guess, this dorm is way nicer than the freshman dorm,” Zay answers back.
“Well, it’s all good. I’m a gamer so when I ain’t studying and shit I’m prob in the game or streaming or something. You can come check me out if you want.” Jayyo tells Zay.
“Maybe a little later,” Zay responds.
“Oh… We’re going to link up at the Cum Bucket. If you need anything let me know… Z-Man” Jayyo tells Zay in a joking way.
“Alright it was nice meeting you,” Zay tells Jayyo as he closes the door.

Zay reenters the room and opens the closet, taking note of how big it is. He proceeds to unbutton his blue plaid button-up shirt and neatly hangs it inside. Removing his jeans, he is left wearing the boxer his parents bought him. Zay carefully hangs his jeans in the closet and closes the door. Now dressed only in his boxers, he turns towards the bed and spots a childhood painting he created. It evokes fond memories of his younger days. Zay picks up the painting and delicately places it on the window ledge. After tidying up a few belongings, he hears the familiar buzzing of his phone indicating an incoming call. Glancing at the caller ID, he realizes it’s his father.

“Hey Dad!” Zay said answering the phone.
“Zayvion I called your mom to get your number, she told me you moved into your dorm today and I just wanted to check on you,” Dad responded.
“Okay,” Zay said.
“I know I haven’t been there for you the way you wanted but I always cared for you. I wish I had some money to send you but I’m kinda broke right now,” Dad responded.
“Okay,” Zay said.
“My boy, it’s crazy. 18 years ago when you were my first born I was so unprepared for what it takes to be a dad. But look at you now, my son is going off to college. I just wanted to tell you your old man is so proud of you.” Dad responded.
“Thanks,” Zay said.
“I know your anxiety flares up at times but don’t sit in your room all day and try to make new friends. You on campus too its gonna be a lot of girls out there but don’t let them fast girls get you in trouble,” Dad advises Zay.
“Okay,” Zay said.
“You know I went to school for media production I wish I would have finished. Stay focused on your books You gonna be someone important one day,” Dad responded.
“Okay,” Zay said.
“Son I love you, I got to go, imma check up on you, alright!” Dad said.
“Alright,” Zay responds.
“Your whole family is proud of you. I gotta go,” Zay’s dad said just before hanging up the phone.

Zay leans against the wall, basking in the gentle glow of sunlight. A contented smile graces his face as he reflects on the current state of his life. Finally, everything seems to be falling into place. His parents beam with pride, and he is embarking on a new chapter in college. Determined not to let anxiety and mental health dictate his existence any longer, Zay’s emotions surge within him, propelling him onto the bed where he joyfully leaps in celebration. At long last, he has achieved his goal.

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