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02-1115 Fit In

    • NewdStory Session 1
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Zay was feeling bored and wanted to play a video game on his game system. Right as he was about to select a game, Zay realised he forgot his drink in the refrigerator. Feeling thirsty, he got up and headed towards the kitchen to grab his drink. However, when he opened the door to his room, he noticed his roommates hanging out in the common area, engaged in a lively conversation and looking incredibly stylish. Jayyo, Demar, and Naheem were all dressed in trendy urban fashion. 

Feeling a wave of anxiety, Zay quickly shut the door and started to worry about his own outfit compared to his roommates’. Overwhelmed by his emotions, he walked over to his closet and began searching through his clothes, hoping to find something that would match his roommates’ style. 

As Zay glanced down at his current attire, he felt disgusted by how nerdy he looked. He swiftly unbuttoned his shirt and removed it, along with his white undershirt. He then proceeded to unbuckle his belt, kick off his shoes, and take off his pants. In his haste to change, he almost tripped over his own feet. 

Frustrated, Zay threw his hands up in the air and tried to calm himself down. He continued rummaging through his closet, and as he looked down at the plaid traditional boxers he was wearing, he realized that none of his peers wore tightie whities or traditional boxers anymore. Deciding he didn’t want to be the odd one out, he stripped them off as well. 

Zay kept searching through his clothes and soon realized that all of his outfits were nerdy items his mom had bought for him. He put the plaid boxers back on and took a step back from the closet. A thought crossed his mind as he walked across the room to grab his phone and call his mom.

“Hey Mom, how you doing?” Zay said.

“I’m doing good baby, just been working but everything is going well,” she responded.

“That’s good that’s good,” Zay said acknowledging his mom.

Nervously Zay asks, “Do you think I can get some money to buy some clothes?”

“Well you know I spend a lot of money on those clothes and you look handsome in them,” Zay’s mom responds.

“Yeah, I know, but those aren’t really the look for me right now. You know I wanna look cool ya know and I feel like some different clothes would make me look cool. So, umm, you know, would it be possible you can send me some money so I can go and get some new gear, ya know?”

“I don’t know Zayvion, money is kinda tight,” she responds.

“Pleeeease!!!!” Zay begs.

“Well, Okay but I only have $50,” she responds reluctantly.

“Thank you mom, you’re the best, I love you!” said and he hangs up the phone and does a little dance.

Zay, filled with excitement, rushes back to his wardrobe and quickly changes into a pair of comfortable sweatpants. In his quest to shed his nerdy image, he decides to ditch his boxers, opting for a more relaxed free ballin’ experience. With his adrenaline pumping, he hurriedly dresses up and starts mapping out his trip to the store.

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