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02-1200 Slippin At The Gym

    • NewdStory Week 1
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UCUM is a relatively small school with an enrollment of about 3000 students. Although the school of small,  it has a robust athletic department with 15 men’s sports such as football, basketball, track and field,  baseball, wrestling, and other Olympic sports. 

Academically the university is known for its art department featuring visual and computer art such as animation,  photography, videography, journalism, broadcasting, and other art fields. 

For Montie, when he first came to campus it was intimidating. Montie is 5’9 119lbs soaking wet and also went underdeveloped compared to most of his peers in a college where 60% of the student body are male or female athletes. 

Montie expressed his feelings to some of his friends and committed himself to working out three times a week to build up his body. He sat down on the machine and sets up his camera. One of his friends advised him to film his workout so he can make sure he is using the right technique. With classes starting this week, the gym was starting to fill up with more student-athletes. Montie looked around and see this really tall basketball player named Andre doing squats. Andre is 6’10 and is an explosive basketball player known for dunking on people. Everybody on campus knew Andre.

On the other side of Andre was Charley. Charley is a 6’4 150lbs distance runner on the track team. Montie stays away from Charley as much as possible. Charley has a big following online and every time Montie tries to talk to one of the ladies on campus they end up being one of Charley’s friends.

Montie starts his last set on the leg machine when he glances across from him and sees Andre walking toward the leg machine directly across from him. It looks like he took off his sweats and was just in a t-shirt and shorts now. As Montie finishes his last few reps he glances up again and notices something slipping out of Andre’s shorts. Montie’s mind was curious as to what it was. After each rep, it slipped out more and more until Montie finally realized that it was Andre’s dick that was getting hard and poking out his shorts.

“This nigga is gay!” Montie said under his breath. Disgusted by what he saw and how big it was, Montie got up and walked toward the locker room. He stopped at one of the mirrors on the way and just looks at how small and skinny he was compared to everyone else who was either tall or muscular or both. He can’t wait till he gets bigger so that he can attract all the girls.

As Montie turned the corner and enter the locker room he notices Charley posing in the mirror. Montie walks right past Charley toward one of the benches in front of the lockers. As Montie walked by, Charley kept recording videos and pictures like Montie was never there. Montie looked over and noticed Charley had a sizable bulge in his shorts but he quickly shook it off. 

Since Charley was recording and he works at the gym, Montie decided to turn on his camera and make a short video.

“Ok, that was a good workout,” Montie said looking into the camera. He then holds up his phone with the music app open playing the song Chun-Li by Nicki Minaj then says, “can’t work out without Nicki.”Montie then sets the camera down on the bench as he begins to change out of his workout clothes. First removing his shoes then his sweatpants leaving him in just his underwear and tank top. Montie looks down and compares his bulge to Charley’s while adjusting himself. Then he pulls his dick out of the bottom of his underwear and thinks to himself, “their bodies might be better but my dick is bigger.”

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