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02-1300 Is It Really That Big

    • NewdStory Week 1
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Jharrel had just got back to his room from class. He was laying on the bed, listening to music, and watching TV with Danga when there was a knock on the door.

“Who is that?” Danga ask.

“That’s probably Khalil,” Jharrel responded.

“The new guy? You didn’t tell me he was coming over,” Danga said.

“We were just texting and he said he was close by,” Jharrel responded.

Jharrel gets up to open the door.

“Come on in,” Jharrel says inviting Khalil into the dorm room.

“What’s goin on man?” Khalil asks as they greet each other.

“Nothing,” Jharrel replies.

“What’s up, man?” Khalil says as they walk toward the bed.

“Just chillin,” Jharrel replies.

Then Danga responds “What’s up!”

Both Khalil and Jharrel join Danga on the bed.

“Are y’all from here?” Khalil continues while looking at Jharrel.

“Yeah,” Jharrel responded, “Where you from?”

“California,” Khalil answered then ask. “So what y’all do around here?”

“I’m in school, in college,” Jharrel said.

“And you?” Khalil says looking at Danga.

Danga laughs” I’m a model” then looks at Jharrel conveying an inside joke.

Khalil starts to laugh too thinking about how Montie told him someone was an OnlyFans model.

Jharrel absolutely adores seeing Khalil laughing and smiling and is getting turned on by Khalil’s presence and taking control of the conversation. Jharrel uses this as an opportunity to see if Khalil likes guys.

“Andddd, what do you do? Jharrel asks Khalil nervously.

“What do I get into? Like, what you mean?” Khalil responds not understanding Jharrel’s gibberish.

Jharrel, still nervous and not wanting to say the wrong things or make Khalil feel out of place rephrases his question. “Like, what do you get into? Like, like sexual wise?”

“I mean I do it all, I mean I work so,” Khalil responded in a way not answering Jharrel’s question.

“So, what brings you to the apartment?” Jharrel said.

“Honestly, I’m just tryin to meet a few people I’m kinda new so,” Khalil responded and continued “It would be kinda cool to people and chill.” 

Not getting the answer he wanted, Jharrel decided to take a different route.

“You got a nice body?” Jharrel said in a suggestive way.

“I would think so,” Khalil responded sarcastically.

“Can I see?” Jharrel asked nervously under his breath.

Khalil groans for a second and tosses the basketball on his finger before getting up and taking off his shirt revealing a chiseled body with abs, and tattoos. 

Not being enough for Jharrel, he asks “Can I see the rest of your body?”

Khalil kicks off his shoes and unbuttons his brown jeans then lowers them down to show his black and white underwear. Mocking Danga, Khalil spins around as if he was modeling.

“That looks real nice!” Jharrel acknowledges.

“I’m feelin those tattoos,” Danga said giving Khalil a compliment on his tattoos.

Khalil responded, “That’s what’s up!”

They gave each other a dap while Jharrel was just staring, almost drooling over Khalil’s body. 

Khalil notices Jharrel looking and asks “You like what you see sir?”

“Yes, I do!” Jharrel quickly says.

Khalil laughed at how fast Jharrel responded. Then after a few awkward seconds ask, “Can I see yall, Yall just staring.”

Danga, still wearing the clothes he slept in, gets up on his knees and then takes off his shirt and shorts so that the only thing left was his blue boxers briefs, and some white socks.

Then it was Jharrel’s turn to take off his shirts and shorts revealing some see-through underwear he wore knowing that Khalil was coming over and hoping to get some action with him.

“Nice Nice,” Khalil responds.

Khalil asks, “Where you get those underwear from?”

“An adult store,” Jharrel responds not wanting Khalil to know he really got them in a gay shop.

“An adult store? Okay,” Khalil responds then moves on to another question. “You prefer boxers or briefs?”

“It don’t matter,” Jharrel replied.

Then Khalil looked at Danga, “You sir?”

Danga grabbed his boxer briefs, “You see what I got on.”

When Danga grabbed his boxer-briefs Khalil noticed his bulge and couldn’t help to start laughing because laughing is how Khalil deals with situations.

“Where you get yours?” Jharrel ask.

“H&M” Khalil followed “They had a sale like $21 for 3.”

Realizing Khalil didn’t answer his own question, Jharrel asked, “You prefer boxers or briefs.”

“Briefs,” Khalil said interrupting Jharrel then grabbing his package says, “I need some huggage down here.”

“That’s cool,” Jharrel responded. “You gonna stand up forever?” Jharrel asks, suggesting Khalil have a seat back on the bed, which he does.

The guys continued to talk for about an hour. The more they talked the more Jharrel was vibing with Khalil. Jharrell couldn’t believe he had a football player, in just his underwear, in his bed. He wanted it to last forever. The conversation was so good that Jharrel didn’t realize what time it was until he looked at his phone and blurted out, “Oh shit, I got to go to work.”

Danga and Khalil continue to chat while Jharrel gets dressed and leaves. Finally, Khalil works up the courage to make a move on Danga to see if everything he heard was true. Khalil grabbed a pillow and moved to the foot of the bed directly across from Danga.

“So, sir,” Khalil nervously starts

“What’s up?” Danga replied

Struggling to find the right way to do it, Khalil decided to just be blunt and blurt out what he was thinking. He took a deep breath and said, “So be honest with me, is your dick really that big?”

Danga gets up on his knees and pulls his completely soft dick out in front of Khalil. He shakes it at Khalil and asks, “is that big?”

Khalil sighs at the sight of it then lean in to inspect it more.

“Boy!” Khalil is shocked and just freezes. Not knowing how to react he just starts laughing.

Danga leans up more to give Khalil a better view. Khalil sits all the way up and admires Danga’s completely soft 8-inch uncut dick hanging right in front of him. He was thinking to himself that he had only seen dicks this big in porn. Wondering if it was heavy he reached over and grabbed it. Not only was it long, but he had some girth to it as well.

Khalil let it drop and its swung side to side, again Khalil started laughing at the absurdity of the size of Danga’s soft dick and says, “Ohhhhh shit, boy!”

“Just wait till you see it hard,” Danga says shaking his dick as it starts to grow.

Khalil shakes his head in disbelief, then grabs Danga’s dick again. “Boy!” Khalil said squeezing and admiring his dick.  Thinking about how many inches it is, Khalil says, “It looks like…” but the idea of how many inches it is just made Khalil laugh some more. “What do you do with that shit like what the fuck,” he said. It was so big, that Khalil couldn’t imagine someone wanting to have sex with him.

Danga continues to shake it and it now getting thicker and thicker.

“Ohhhhhh oh my goodness,” Khalil said moving to the side some more before reaching over and grabbing it a third time.

“It’s heavy,” Danga said.

“Hell yeah, it’s heavy, what the fuck!” Khalil responds

Khalil scoots to the side and places his forearm next to Danga’s dick. His dick goes from Khalil’s wrist to his elbow. 

“I’m over it,” Khalil says as he lets go of Danga’s dick and hears a loud noise of Danga’s dick smacking against his leg. “Oh shit.” Khalil now starts stroking Danga’s uncut dick revealing the head of his monstrous dick.

Danga, now horny, tells Khalil, “let me see that ass.” 

Khalil being caught in the moment leans back and takes off his boxer briefs and rolls over on the bed. He had never done anything like this before and he was telling himself to relax and go with the flow. Danga smacked Khalil on the ass a few times and straddled Khalil’s ass. Not wanting to take any chances that Danga might try to put his dick in Khalil’s ass, Khalil turns over on his back with his hard dick showing. 

Danga put between Khalil’s legs and lifted them up in a while where both their testicles were touching. Danga started stoking both his dick and Khalil’s dick for a while before climbing up higher where Danga was now straddling Khalil’s chest. With Danga’s dick right in front of Khalil’s face, he started laughing out of fear that Danga might want to make him suck his dick. Khalil grabbed Danga’s dick and played with it. Danga could feel Khalil tense up and decided to get off of him and laid on side of Khalil almost in a 69 position. Danga then grabbed Khalil’s dick and started stroking it. It was feeling good to Khalil and he instinctively grabbed Danga’s dick and started stroking it. The sensation was starting to feel good but it was awkward that another dude provided him pleasure. Khalil just randomly started to laugh again mostly due to his mixed feelings and he would never let a dude make him orgasm. Not wanting to upset Danga, Khalil moved his body in a position that makes it harder for Danga to stroke him. 

Out of nowhere, Khalil stopped and the mood instantly changed. They both just laid there and it was awkward.

“Hey, I think I better go. This is too crazy and I think I’m getting a little uncomfortable.”

“Are you okay”? Danga asked

“No you’re good, this is just too much, It’s not you though,” Khalil said while sliding on his pants and shirt before heading out the door, leaving Danga laying on the bed.

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