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03-2000 Just For Fans

    • NewdStory Session 2
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Jharrel looks at the nightstand and sees a stainless steel disc. Curious to what it was he reaches over and picks it up.
“What the…” Jharrel said to himself while examining it. It was pretty heavy for its size and had the opening of a can.
He picks it up and examines it. it’s pretty heavy.
“What the fuck is this?” he says to himself before yelling for Danga. “Danga!”
“Huh,” Danga responded from the bathroom.
“What the fuck is this?” Jharrel said confused by the object.
“It’s my cock ring,” Danga replies while walking out of the bathroom toward the bed.
“This fuckin big!” Jharrel responded.
“Yeah, my dick big,” Danga said while shaking his dick in front of Jharrel.
“You gonna show me how to put it on there?” Jharrel asked Danga.
“You can put it on there yourself,” Danga tells Jharrel.
Jharrel takes the cock ring and puts it on Danga’s soft penis. “Now this bitch is heavy and it’s fucking big,” Jharrel said.
Jharrel continues to try to put the cockring on Danga but it won’t stay in place. After a few more moments, Jharrel says, “I give up, you do it.” Danga takes the cockring and slides both his dick and testicles into the cock ring holding it in place.
“Now you just play with it,” Danga tells Jharrel. Jharrel takes his hand and starts playing with Danga’s dick in his hand.
“Damn this is big, like what the fuck though, that big ass thing,” Jharrel starts to shake Danga’s dick. “It’s so big man,” Jharrel said.
“I know,” Danga responded as his dick starts to get hard and fill out the cockring.
“Where did you get this from?” Jharrel asks Danga.
“I was born with it,” Danga responded.
“I’m talking about the cockring,” Jharrel said while still playing with Danga’s dick.
“Where did I get this”
“Yeah, where did you get that thing.”
“The store,”
“This hoe is fucking big!” Jharrel said while enjoying playing with Danga’s dick.
“My dick bigger, just wait until it gets harder,”
Jharrel continues to play with Danga’s dick and veins start to pop up on it.
“It’s getting harder and harder,” Jharrel says, “and heavier and heavier.”
“Umm huh,” Danga says in agreement.
“It’s so big,” Jharrel says lifting it up and admiring it. “Like, mandingo big.”
After admiring it for a while, Jharrel says, “how in the hell do you take this shit off?”
Danga laughs, “I can’t take it off now,” Danga says because he is hard. Continues to shake it
“You can’t take it off?” Jharrel responds.
“See!” Danga says showing off the size of his dick.
“That hoe is big,” Jharrel said laughing, ” and it’s fuckin heavy too. How you gonna take that big ass ring-looking thing off?” Jharrel asks Danga.
“See the thickness?” Danga says to Jharrell, trying to change the topic but Jharrell doubles down.
“But how you gonna get this off?”Jharrel asks again.
“Imma get it off”
“How” Damn that looks like it fuckin hurt.
“Damn that shit looks like it fuckin hurts!” Jharrell says while Danga stretches his dick out trying to remove the large cock ring. “Oh my fuckin god,” Jharrel says under his breath as Danga removes the cock-ring and hands it to Jharrel.
“The fuck, what, what!” Jharrel said in amazement as he looked at the size of the cock ring and realized just how thick Danga’s dick needed to be to fit inside of it tightly.”This big ass fuckin circle thing.What?”
“Can fit my dick” Danga said, completing Jharrel’s thought.
“That can fit this, big ass monstrous cock?”
Jharrel scoots over and Danga gets in the bed, still naked, and starts snapping selfies.
“What you doing?” Jharrel asks Danga.
“Sending some nudes to Derrick,” Danga says while taking some more pictures.
“Who is he?” Jharrel asks.
“He is the winner of my OnlyFans subscriber of the month,” Danga responds.
“I thought you had Just For Fans,” Jharrel responds.
“I have both. I just opened an OnlyFans and a JustFor.Fans account too. Now each month I run a contest where I pick one follower who retweets any of my posts and they get a choice of me sending them nudes every day for a month or we can hang out for a day,” Danga tells Jharrel.
“I’m assuming he selected the pictures since you are snapping selfies,” Jharrel responds.
“Ugh actually he wants to meet up,” Danga tells Jharrel.
“Why you say it like that, he ugly or somethin?” Jharrel responds while removing his towel.
“Naw, but he be blowing my phone up! Every time I post something he is always the first one to like and share it,” Danga said in a surprised tone.
“That’s why he wins,” Jharrel quickly responds.
“Yeah, you’re right, he retweets and shares everything I post. Plus, he stays about 15 miles away in Miccosukee,” Danga said.
“Don’t you have family up there?” Jharrel asks Danga.
“Yeah, coincidently, Imma be up there tomorrow afternoon,” Danga said.
“You gonna meet up with him?” Jharrel asks.
“I’ll prob meet up with him for like 30 minutes just to get it out the way. But I’m really not feeling it,” Danga tells Jharrel.
“Why not?” Jharrel asked.
“Tomorrow is the anniversary of me and my ex breaking up so I’m really not feeling meeting up with anyone,” Danga tells Jharrel.
“That petty nigga, he ain’t nothing to feel bad about, shit I would treat you better than him anyway,” Jharrel said while reaching over and grabbing Danga’s long dick.
“Really?” Danga said as his dick starts to grow in Jharrel’s hand.
“Hell yeah!” Jharrel as he drops Danga’s heavy dick on his leg.
“Awww,” Danga says while hugging Jharrel. “How about I give you a nice massage.”

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