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04-0700 Morning Milk Man

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Tommy, Jharrel’s suitemate, had an early morning practice, before coming back to his room. Jharrel, who is a light sleeper, hears someone come in but rolls over in bed because he wants to sleep another hour before class. A few moments later Jharrel says to himself, ‘not again’ as he grabs his phone to have proof of the knocking sounds that are coming from his suite mate’s room. Moments later the knocking sounds were mixed with the moaning sounds of the girl Tommy snuck into his room.

Jharrel hasn’t had sex in a few weeks and hearing his roommate smash his girl just made Jharrel’s sexual frustration even worse. He had to get away from it and go outside on the balcony. Sitting in the chair outside, he realized he was not gonna be able to escape the sounds as they only got louder and louder. The thought of Tommy smashing his girl started to make Jharrel’s dick grow. To take his mind off of it, Jharrel logged in on his favorite hookup app and noticed there was someone less than a mile away.

Direct Message Conversation:

Jharrel: What you on?

Him: Just doing deliveries.

Jharrel: Who you deliver for?

Him: I’m the milk man bro.

Jharrel: Horny as fuck bro come milk this dick

Him: Shit say less Where you at?

Jharrel: Athlete dorm on the U.C.U.M. campus.

Him: My next delivery is there in the cafeteria.

Jharrel: Wanna slide through after work?

Him: Naw, I want that dick right now!

Jharrel: Meet me in the stairwell by the cafeteria.

Him: Be there in 5 minutes.

Jharrel who haven’t showered yet started to walk down the stairs. Not quite sure who he is looking for. When he reached the bottom of a flight of stairs, the outside door opened and a guy wearing a mask looked him right in the eye. Jharrel looked back and give him a nod. The guy said, “I’m Jacob,” then immediately drops to his knees and pulls Jharrel’s dick out. Right in the middle of the stairwell, Jacob started getting Jharrel’s dick wet before going to work on it.

Jharrel grabs the MilkMan’s head and starts to thrust his dick down the MilkMan’s throat. Suddenly the MilkMan takes over and starts sucking faster and faster until Jharrel couldn’t hold back any longer. Jharrel’s dick slightly slips out the MilkMan’s mouth as he starts to shoot a few ropes of thick cum squirting in the air. Some landed on the floor as the rest leaked out and down the MilkMan’s mask and hand.

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