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04-0800 Sit On A Dick!

    • NS 2 - Danga's #1 Fan
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Jharrel, having just come back from his sneaky link with the milkman, comes back into the dorm suite and walks directly to the shower. He grabs the bathroom doorknob and opens the door and sees Tommy in the bathroom and quickly steps back.

“Hey, hurry up, I got class in an hour,” Jharrel yells from the corner of the door.

Tommy,  who is posing in the mirror, responds, “I’m on my way out bruh.”

Jharrel walks back into the kitchen to wash his hands, still feeling sticky from the cum that’s soaked into his boxers. He looks down and sees streaks of cum on his shorts. Surprised, Jharrel takes his shorts and boxers off and tosses them in the laundry basket.

“Aiight bruh, I’m out!” Tommy said walking out of the bathroom and into his bedroom.

Jharrel hears a knock on the door. While in the kitchen area, he walks to the door and opens it.

“Oh, what’s up Danga, come on in nigga!” Jharrel tells Danga.

Danga walks in and looks at Jharrel, “Aint you gonna put some clothes on, all these athletes in here don’t wanna see your little meat.”

“All the guys in here are straight. They used to seein and playin with balls, they go to practice and play with balls, then chill around here half naked playin 2k in they boxers and gym shorts like its nothin’,” Jerrell responded while going back in the laundry basket to grab his dirty boxers to put them back on…

“Tommy I’m through with you!” Jharrel yelled toward Tommy.

“What I do?” he responded.

“You couldn’t wait an hour, until I left for class, to invite the captain to your fan club over?” Jharrel asked sarcastically.

“Bruh, good pussy can never wait, did u see her body?” Tommy responds.

“Naw, but I heard her through the walls and outside.” Jharrel tags back.

“No, you didn’t,” Tommy said laughing.

“I know you wouldn’t believe me so I recorded it this time listen to this,” Jharrel said reaching into his pocket to pull out his phone. A moment later he hit the play button and the sounds of Tommy and his girl filled the room.

Tommy laughs at first, then in a serious tone says, “Aye, turn that off I’m about to make a TikTok.”

Tommy sets up his camera, then hits record and steps back as Jharrel walks in right in front of the camera and toward the bathroom.

As Jharrel approaches the door Tommy says, “Aye, you know Danga in the bathroom,” and bust out laughing. Jharrel hears the sound from the shower and is immediately mad. Tommy walks up, “Danga hurry up, I got to get my du-rag!”

Danga yells back, “It’s gonna be a minute!”

Not missing the opportunity, Jharrel laughs back at Tommy.

Tommy yells back at Danga, “Naw nigga, hurry up, you in our shower remember.”

Danga starts singing in the shower, ignoring Tommy.

Jharrel says in a devious way, “I dare you to go up in there!”

Tommy said, “You right, I heard that nigga got a big dick and I ain’t trying to see that.”

Jharrel responds “I know you ain’t scared nigga, using that weak ass excuse.”

Tommy, don’t like to be challenged responds, “Say less!” then walks back down the short hallways, opens the bathroom door, then walked toward the shower, and snatches the curtain open. He gives Danga a quick look. Danga without flenching tells Tommy, “Aye dude you got to get up out of here!”

Tommy responds, “I told yo ass to hurry up.” then grabs his durag and walks out. On his way down the hallways, he looks at Jharrel and said, “Since I won the bet, I don’t wanna hear nothing about you complaining about any extracurricular activities you feel me!” then just laughs as he put his du-rag on and walks toward his room.

Danga finally walks out of the bathroom and asks Jharrel, “What you doing?”

“I’m watching TV right now,” Jharrel says responding to Danga.

Danga walks over and sits on a chair next to the TV when he jumps up and starts to scream and hold his crotch.

Jharrel looks over at Danga, “Damn what happened.”

“I just sat on my dick for real,” Danga said jumping up and down.

“Oh my god that’s wild, that shit hurt,” Jharrel responded.

“Yeah!” Danga said still in pain.

“That’s funny as fuck,” Jharell says before rolling on the floor and laughing at Danga.

Danga, still hurting, pulls his dick out and starts stroking and rubbing it.

“That shit looked like it hurt man, You wanna go get that shit checked out?” Jharrel said in a sarcastic way.

“I’ll survive, I done hit my dick on counters before, and tables,” Danga tells Jharrel.

“Oh my god, that must of hurt,” Jharrel said thinking about his dick hitting a counter or tabletop.

Danga steps out of his boxer briefs and lies on the bed. Jharrel grabs some lotion and starts rubbing Danga’s body, focusing on his penis.

“Does that feel better?” Jharrel asks Danga.

“Yeah it does,” Danga responds.

“You still going to meet up with your stalker fan?” Jharrel continued the conversation.

“He is not a stalker. You know I love when my fans share my content and comment on my post,” Danga told Jharrel.

“I was just kidding, he seems like a cool guy, but I know you said you weren’t in the mood to link up with him,” Jharrel responded.

“I’m still not, I just aint been in a good mood lately. But I told him I would meet him today, so Imma go,” Danga responded.

“Well, you shouldn’t go them,” Jharrel advised Danga.

“Naw, I’m gonna leave early. I know if it gets too late he’s gonna wanna get freaky and I don’t want to get freaky with him today.” Danga tells Jharrel.

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