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04-1400 Rewarding Derrick

    • NS 2 - Danga's #1 Fan
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The day has finally come. All those weeks of retweeting, snap for snaps on Snapchat, and subscribing to the NewdContent JustFor Fans account have finally paid off.

Danga doesn’t seem too excited about meeting me but I don’t give a fuck. I want him so bad I have had a crush on him for a long time.

But today Imma try to get his attention.

Danga drives up to Derrick’s place and Derrick gets in the car.

“What’s up,” Derrick said.

Danga replied, “What’s up.”

“I’m Derrick,” Derrick said extending his hand.

“I’m Danga,” Danga said extending his hand to shake.

Danga still wasn’t feeling meeting up with Derrick, so he was a little bit standoffish. After a few moments of silence, Derrick decides to break the ice.

“I follow you on Instagram and stuff,” Derrick admitted.

“You do,” Danga responded already knowing.

“Yeah,” Derrick replied, “I had liked your pictures and stuff.”

“What you like about them,” Danga asked

“Man you be doing some cool shit, your pictures be hot or whatever,” Derrick said smiling.

“Oh, you do,” Danga said smiling back.

“Yeah,” Derrick said.

“That’s what you think,” Danga said.

“Yeah,” Derrick said.

“Alright,” Danga said.

Derrick was interested in why Danga started creating pictures and videos for his website and OnlyFans.

“So like what made you get into pictures and stuff,” Derrick asked.

“It’s just something that I came up with,” Danga responded.

“So is it something you wanna go professional with?” Derrick asked.

“Yeah professional,” Danga responded.

“Ok OK That’s cool,” Derrick responded.

“I been tryin to fuck with you got a good little minute,” Derrick said kinda blushing.

“How long of a minute,” Danga responds.

Not expecting that response, Derrick thought to himself for a moment then said, “Man, it’s been a minute, about a couple months ago.”

“Alright, that’s what’s up,” Danga said, not trying to sound interested.

Derrick couldn’t help but cock watch Danga. Every chance he got he took a glimpse of the huge outline of Danga’s dick. With his eyes finally on the prize, this was Derrick’s chance to make a move.

Derrick reached over and starts massaging Danga’s dick. “Damn, that shit is big,” he says to Danga.

“Yeah,” Danga responded.

After beating around the bush didn’t work, Derrick decides to be a little bit more direct.

“You gonna let me get some of that,” Derrick asks Danga.

Danga rejected it immediately, “Naw my dick too big to be giving it to everybody.”

“Oh for real,” Derrick responds feeling rejected.

“Yeah for real,” Danga said.

Being rejected created an awkward moment. Derrick pulled his hand back and started looking away which made Danga feel bad. However, Derrick doesn’t give up and quickly comes up with a new plan.

Derrick grabs his phone and pretends to read a message, “Aye, I got to go back to the house, I got to watch the house while my people gone.”

“Alright,” Danga responds.

“You wanna come chill,” Derrick asked with a smile on his face.

“Yeah,” Danga responds.

After driving back to Derrick’s house they walk into his room.

“You can just sit down, you can play the game if you want. I got to use the restroom real quick,” Derrick tells Danga.

“Alright,” Danga responds and he sits down and sees what’s on TV before taking off his jacket.

Danga begins to play one of the video games. After a few minutes, Derrick finally walks back into the room smelling super good, wearing nothing but red boxer briefs.

“What games you wanna play,” Danga asks.

“I don’t wanna play that game,” Derrick responds giving Danga a sexual look.

“What do you mean,” Danga responds.

“Maybe we can play something else,” Derrick suggests before leaning over and kissing Danga.

After making out for a few minutes, Danga stands up and allows Derrick to slide off his pants and boxers, giving him access to his prize.

Derricks strokes Danga, long dick. Derricks stands up and has a big wet spot of precum on his boxer briefs. Danga grabs and starts squeezing Derrick’s ass as they kiss.

Derrick pushes Danga onto the bed and climbs on top of him…

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