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Bath Time Together Outro

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The idea for Bath Time Together originated from watching YouTube shows such as Kevin Hart’s Cold as Balls. We thought, what would happen if you put our Newd Creators in a bathtub together? With the pandemic going we decided to make it virtual. This concept birthed the idea for Bath Time Together.

After coming up with the idea, the Newd Creators had to create a theme. We recalled a popular game named “You don’t know jack” and built our intro based on how that game started its show. To add a lil spicy, the 2020 Newd Creators recalled the song Magic Stick by Lil Kim featuring 50 Cents to add some freaky elements to the ending. The creators recorded their voices using their phones and the clips they submitted were edited together to form the ending. The theme and videos were created by Newd Creator Neiko.

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