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Just The Tip: of Neiko


Guest Introduction: Neiko

  • Neiko, a 19-year-old who attended Howard University with a major in film, shares his background and interests. Despite leaving after one semester, he plans to return to his studies. Neiko’s interest in film is driven by a passion for production and artistic expression.

Experience at Howard University (HBCU)

  • Neiko discusses the unique and proud culture of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), highlighting the fashion differences between the North and South and the vibrant LGBTQ community in Washington, D.C. Howard University offered him a diverse experience, introducing him to various people and fostering a strong sense of pride among students.

Discussion on Sexuality and College Experiences

  • The conversation shifts to Neiko’s personal experiences with sexuality and the diverse sexual expressions encountered at Howard. He shares stories about suspect roommates, the complexities of navigating sexual identity, and the prevalence of DL (down-low) individuals on campus. Neiko emphasizes the importance of sexual health education, especially within the gay community, and discusses the caution needed when considering participation in sex parties.

Sex Parties and Sexual Health Awareness

  • Neiko expresses concerns about the lack of sexual health awareness among many, especially regarding participation in sex parties. He advocates for transparency, communication, and education to ensure safer sexual experiences. Neiko also touches on the misconceptions and stigmas surrounding sexual expression, advocating for a more open and understanding approach to discussing and engaging in sexual activities.

The Role of Art and Expression in Sexuality

  • The show explores the idea that art and sexual expression are intertwined, with Neiko and the host discussing how platforms like Tumblr have provided spaces for creative sexual expression. They critique the societal tendency to demonize certain forms of self-expression, arguing for a broader acceptance of art and sexuality as natural and important aspects of human experience.

Invitation to The Nude Blog

  • The episode concludes with an invitation for Neiko and listeners to contribute to The Newd Blog as content creators. The platform aims to celebrate creativity, sexual expression, and artistic freedom, offering opportunities for podcasting, article writing, and sharing unique stories and perspectives.

Throughout the episode, “Neiko” delves into the complexities of sexual identity, the value of artistic expression, and the importance of open discussions about sexuality. The show provides a platform for guests to share their experiences and insights, contributing to a broader conversation about sexuality, art, and personal freedom.

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