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Just The Tip: of Tevin


Guest Introduction: Tevin

  • Tevin, a 21-year-old pharmacy student from Tallahassee, Florida, shares his journey towards choosing pharmacy as a career path, influenced by personal interest in medicine and a suggestion from his late grandmother.

Exploring Pharmacy and Personal Interactions

  • Tevin discusses his internship experiences in pharmacies, highlighting the satisfaction derived from helping people and dealing with various customer attitudes. His commitment to the profession is clear, despite the challenges faced in customer service.

Personal Exploration and Experiences

  • Transitioning to more personal topics, Tevin candidly talks about his experiences with sexuality, including his first encounters with sexual content online and the development of his sexual identity. He shares humorous anecdotes about his early masturbation experiences and the learning curve involved in understanding his own body and desires.

Tevin’s Views on Sexual Exploration and Safety

  • The conversation delves into Tevin’s approach to sexual exploration, emphasizing safety and consent. He shares his perspective on the importance of learning from others’ experiences to avoid making the same mistakes, highlighting the value of platforms that facilitate such learning and community support.

Discussion on The Newd Blog and Creative Expression

  • Tevin and the host discuss “The Newd Blog,” a project aimed at providing a creative platform for people to express themselves through writing, videos, podcasts, and more. They highlight how the blog serves as a safe space for sharing and learning from diverse sexual and personal experiences, fostering a supportive community for growth and exploration.

Closing Thoughts

  • The episode concludes with an invitation for listeners to participate in “The Newd Blog,” either as content creators or audience members, to share and gain insights into various aspects of life and sexuality. The discussion underscores the significance of open dialogue, community support, and personal growth through creative expression.

This episode offers a mix of professional ambitions, personal growth, and the exploration of sexuality, wrapped in humor and honesty. It showcases the importance of platforms that allow for the sharing of personal experiences and the value of learning from the collective wisdom of a community.

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