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Newd at Nite – Deshaun Watson: Straight guys with “Gay” fetishes.


Deshaun Watson’s Case Discussion

  • The hosts delve into the controversy surrounding NFL player Deshaun Watson, accused by numerous women of inappropriate conduct during massage sessions. They explore the peculiarities of the case, including Watson’s alleged fetish for being touched on his “gooch” or “taint” during massages. The conversation touches on the legal aspects, public reactions, and the potential motivations behind the allegations, highlighting the complexity of distinguishing consensual sexual encounters from assault in some scenarios.

Hypothetical Situations Game

  • A significant portion of the episode is dedicated to a game where the hosts and guests share hypothetical stories based on prompts related to avoiding consent issues, reflecting the theme of navigating sexual consent. Participants share creative scenarios that challenge the idea of engaging in sexual acts without explicit consent, emphasizing the importance of clear communication and mutual agreement.

‘That’d Be Me’ Game

  • The show transitions into a lighter game titled “That’d Be Me,” where participants reveal personal anecdotes in response to prompts about their experiences with sexual exploration, misunderstandings, and humorous encounters. Stories range from accidentally outing friends to unique experiences with sexual attire and props, adding levity to the episode.

Discussion on Fetishes and Sexual Encounters

  • The hosts further discuss the concept of fetishes within both heterosexual and homosexual contexts, exploring how societal norms influence the perception and acceptance of different sexual preferences. They examine the thin line between personal sexual exploration and societal judgment, particularly in the context of public figures like Watson.


  • The episode concludes with reflections on the importance of consent, communication, and respect in all sexual encounters. The hosts remind listeners of the significance of discussing and demystifying sexual topics to foster a more open and understanding society.

This episode of “The Nude Show” navigates the complex issues of consent, public perception of sexual behavior, and the dynamics of fetishes, blending serious discussion with humorous storytelling to engage and educate listeners.

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