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Newd at Nite – Will Smith, Chris Rock, Pride Month, and the Cum Bucket.


Guessing Game: Player Nicknames

  • The session kicks off with a discussion on the NBA Finals featuring the Golden State Warriors against the Boston Celtics. The host introduces a game where participants guess the nicknames of players, focusing on Steph Curry and Jonathan Kaminga.
  • Contestants guess nicknames for Steph Curry, landing on “Chef Curry” and “The Babyface Assassin.” For Jonathan Kaminga, they amusingly guess “Cum Bucket,” highlighting a mix of humor and sports trivia.

Personal Story Sharing: Coming Out Experiences

  • The discussion shifts to a more personal theme, honoring Pride Month. Participants share their coming-out stories, ranging from accidental discoveries by family members to awkward and poignant moments of revelation. Stories include:
    • A participant’s father discovering his son’s sexuality through an Instagram chat.
    • Another recounts the tension and awkwardness after a family member outs them to their parents.
    • One shares a lighthearted story of family acceptance despite early signs of his sexual orientation.
    • A participant discusses the complex feelings of coming out to a family with strong Christian beliefs.

Debate: The Will Smith and Chris Rock Oscars Incident

  • The group debates the infamous Oscars incident where Will Smith slapped Chris Rock. Opinions vary, with some sympathizing with Smith’s protective response towards his wife, while others criticize the violence. The debate touches on themes of public humiliation, the boundaries of comedy, and the challenges of navigating public and private personas.

“Rate my Newds” Game

  • The Twitter Spaces session introduces a game where participants rate a public nude video based on creativity, uniqueness, freakiness, and setting. The video in question involves a man in a public restroom, leading to a mix of critiques and humorous comments about the act’s lack of originality and the execution.

Never Have I Ever Game

  • The session concludes with a “Never Have I Ever” game, where participants share experiences related to being locked out in underwear, twerking in public, attending work or school without underwear, coordinating outfits with partners, and embarrassing moments at work, school, or parties.

Throughout the Twitter Spaces session, the conversation flows from lighthearted and humorous to deeply personal, reflecting the diverse experiences and opinions of the participants. The discussion encapsulates a range of emotions, from the comedic to the serious, offering a glimpse into the complexities of personal identity, relationships, and social interactions.

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