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The Newd Show 1.1 – Game Show Edition


The episode starts with a vibrant introduction to “The Nude Show: Game Show Edition.” The host welcomes viewers to a unique and entertaining game show format, featuring contestants Dallas, Donnetello, Kavion, and CT. The excitement sets the tone for a series of humorous and cheeky discussions.

Round 1: Is He Gay or No?

  • The first round centers on speculating the sexual orientation of NFL player Jalen Ramsey based on his post-game interview demeanor and appearance. Contestants humorously debate his mannerisms, attire, and overall vibe, with opinions divided between him being straight, gay, or potentially curious. The round is filled with playful banter and laughter, showcasing the contestants’ diverse perspectives and the show’s lighthearted approach to sexuality discussions.

Round 2: Backpacking – Fat Ass or Not?

  • In the second round, contestants assess a picture of a man to determine if he has a “fat ass.” The discussion veers into a comedic analysis of the man’s posterior, with contestants using vivid language and jokes to describe their impressions. The consensus leans towards the man not having a significant derriere, sparking jokes about what constitutes a “fat ass” and how appearances can be deceptive.

Round 3: What Would You Do?

  • The final round presents a hypothetical scenario where contestants encounter a sexy guy at a store who is noticeably aroused. The contestants share their hypothetical reactions, ranging from amusement and curiosity to practical considerations about public decorum and personal boundaries. This round highlights the show’s knack for blending humor with candid discussions on sexual attraction and spontaneity.

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