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The Newd Show 2.1 – Weird Sex Stories


The conversation kicks off with the hosts and guests sharing their wildest sexual experiences, which span a variety of unusual and risqué scenarios. These stories highlight personal encounters that push the boundaries of conventional sexual activities, involving public places, multiple partners, and spontaneous situations.

Notable Experiences Shared

  1. Target Encounter Turned Threesome: A guest recounts a chance meeting with a man at Target, which leads to an intimate encounter at the man’s house, eventually evolving into a threesome. This was the guest’s first experience with a threesome, which they found enjoyable but not something they would pursue regularly.
  2. College Library Encounter: Another guest shares an experience of meeting someone through a dating app and engaging in sexual activities in a college library’s private restroom. This encounter was part of a series of hookups with the same individual around the campus.
  3. Father’s Best Friend: A particularly taboo story involves a guest having a sexual encounter with their father’s best friend, unbeknownst to the father at the time. This situation later escalates when the father discovers the affair, leading to a complex and strained relationship.

Lead Cast

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