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The Newd Show 2.3 – Faking an Orgasm


The episode centers around a discussion inspired by an article from Men’s Health Magazine titled “5 True Stories of Guys Faking Orgasms During Sex.” The hosts and guests delve into personal anecdotes where they had to fake orgasms, sharing both humorous and awkward experiences.

Personal Stories Shared

  1. First-Time Awkwardness: One guest recounts an awkward encounter with someone inexperienced, leading to the need to fake satisfaction to avoid embarrassment for both parties. The story highlights the pressure to perform and the lengths some will go to maintain the illusion of pleasure.
  2. Public Encounter Gone Wrong: Another guest shares an experience of a public sexual encounter that ended up being dissatisfying, forcing them to pretend to enjoy the moment. This story sheds light on the challenges of navigating sexual expectations and reality.
  3. Disappointing Encounter with a Porn Star: A guest discusses an encounter with a well-known porn star that was surprisingly unsatisfactory, leading them to fake an orgasm to conclude the interaction quickly. This anecdote underscores the difference between on-screen portrayals of sex and real-life experiences.
  4. Threesome Dynamics: Another story involves a threesome that did not meet the guest’s expectations, prompting them to feign climax to escape an uncomfortable situation. This narrative explores the complexities of group sexual dynamics and the difficulty in ensuring mutual satisfaction.

Concluding Reflections

  • The episode wraps up with a lively discussion on the reasons behind the need to fake orgasms, ranging from wanting to spare the partner’s feelings to simply wanting to end an unsatisfying sexual encounter. The hosts and guests emphasize the importance of communication and honesty in sexual relationships but also acknowledge the social pressures that can lead to pretending.

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